Fashion for family

Pyjamas same for parents and children.

Surely at some time your son will have thought I want to dress like mom or dad!

Thanks to LOHE now you can do it.

In our shop online can find different pyjamas in order that the children dress like dad or mom.

Do you imagine the illusion that would do the children to them? Because they also like the mode and they are charmed with the idea of feeling bigger.

They are articles very entertained with prints, clothes adapted to the needs of the smallest.

Dress like mom or dad!

There are many mothers whom illusion would make them dress like his girl or with a style similar to his one, now already there are no excuses in order that the whole family is dressed equally, in LOHE we bet for the equal clothes for all, that mothers and daughters and now also parents and children could go identical dresses. What does look like to you the idea?

The children will be able to take the same pajamas that dad and mom, combined, but identical each one to his style and age. We invite you to throw a glimpse to our new section of ” mode in family ” in our shop online: